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The 360-degree feedback process is not just an evaluation tool but a cornerstone for continuous feedback and employee engagement, designed to identify areas of opportunity and strengths within your staff that will propel your company's overall performance.

360-degree evaluation

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Benefits of applying the 360-degree feedback in your company or organization

Streamline the 360-degree feedback process to help your team improve!

Identify Strengths and opportunities

The 360-degree review appraisal identifies potential areas for growth and highlights the strengths in each employee development.

Automated process

Traditional performance reviews are time-consuming. With our online review process, however, this is simplified with a single form sent to the appraisers.
Smart 360 does the hard work for you.

Comprehensive and objective evaluation

The 360 degree feedback system can be applied in all hierarchical levels of the company, leading to a complete view of all the evaluated personnel.

Tools for TNA

Training Needs Assessments are made easier. Soft Skills are among the most sought after and difficult skills to implement, but with our 360 feedback software this process is simplified.

Create your free trial account with Smart 360 today and fall in love with the tool.

Make your company one of the best and most efficient based on the results provided by the anonymous feedback 360 evaluation tool.


What do some of our customers think?

Here are some of the comments from customers who trust in our 360 feedback software: Smart 360.

The software has helped us improve the performance of leaders


Eleanor King

HR Consultant

It helped us a lot to specifically identify where we should work with each employee


Scarlett Wilson

HR manager

It is very practical to do data analysis with the ease of exporting reports in Excel


Wyatt Howard

Sr Consultant